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My name is Bill Cannon and I have been a Photographer / Digital Artist for 5 years while living in the Philadelphia area. My work been featured in Magazines (Architectural Record & Organic Gardening), On TV (Man Caves & Museum Men), Book Covers (University of Penn Press) and in a special edition printing of the book by Musician Nick Cave 'The Sick Bag Song' for Canongate Press. I have Artwork in the American Grill on Royal Caribbean's ship Quantum of the Seas. I have Art hanging in Penn State University, The Sierra Hotel in King of Prussia, Murals at Venice Lofts in Manayunk and hanging in the main lobby of Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia. I have works hanging in hundreds of homes and have working relationships with many interior designers having sold over 1500 images since that 1st sale in in 2010. Back in December 2009, I casually told my wife that I wanted to buy a Camera and start selling pictures on the internet. My wife rolled her eyes thought to herself where does he come up with this stuff! Now mind you that I never had taken many good photos at this point, just a few nice sunsets from when I lived in Florida. Eventually my wife relented and bought me a camera as and early present for my birthday. I went out and started taking pictures like crazy and then set up my online website at and in March of 2010. When I got my first sale in May I was hooked.

My portfolio has grown to over 7000 images with the majority local color Philadelphia area shots and New Jersey Shore Seascapes. I also do Digital Artwork blending my photos with my expertise Photoshop and other software to create multi layered and textured artwork. My wife and I love to travel and we have been to New York, New Orleans, Key West, Tampa Bay, Vermont, Rhode Island, New jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Washington DC, The Carolinas, Virginia, Cancun and Ireland. 2015 is off to a great start and I am very thankful to all my customers!!

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Sunrise Down on the Farm - Carlisle Pa by Bill Cannon


If I Only Had a Brain by Bill Cannon


Willows Along Letort Spring Carlisle Pennsylvania by Bill Cannon


Carlisle Pa Farm Sunrise by Bill Cannon


Amor - Love by Bill Cannon


City Life - The Philadelphia Art Museum by Bill Cannon


The Valley Green Inn in Autumn by Bill Cannon


New Moon by Bill Cannon


Phillies Hat on Home Plate by Bill Cannon


Autumn - Fallen Leaves by Bill Cannon


Amor - The Philadelphia Museum of Art by Bill Cannon


Bucks County in the Spring - Cuttalossa Mill by Bill Cannon


Misty Niagara Falls by Bill Cannon


Boathouse Row in Philadelphia by Bill Cannon


Philadelphia's Boathouse Row on the Schuylkill River by Bill Cannon


City Hall Behind the Love Statue by Bill Cannon


Autumn Walk in Valley Forge by Bill Cannon


Urban Canyon - Philadelphia City Hall by Bill Cannon


32nd Street Pier Avalon NJ - Sunrise by Bill Cannon


Song of Autumn by Bill Cannon


Knox Covered Bridge at valley Forge in Autumn by Bill Cannon


Autumn Along the Delaware River by Bill Cannon


The Approaching Dawn - 32nd Street Pier Avalon NJ by Bill Cannon


Early Autumn at Morris Arboretum by Bill Cannon


Love - City Hall by Bill Cannon


Autumn Walk near Valley Green by Bill Cannon


Cape May Cove at Sunset Panorama by Bill Cannon


The Stairs at Eastern College - Walton Hall by Bill Cannon


Quiet Autumn Along the Wssahickon by Bill Cannon


LimeKiln in Plymouth Meeting by Bill Cannon


Autumn at Plymouth Meeting Friends by Bill Cannon


Autumn in East Falls by Bill Cannon


Kelly Drive in Autumn by Bill Cannon


Three Angels - Autumn on the Schuylkill by Bill Cannon


Autumn in New Jersey - Lambertville by Bill Cannon


Canal Bridge near Lambertville New Jersey in Autumn by Bill Cannon


Outhouse in the Winter by Bill Cannon


Maryland Monument at the Antietam National Battlefield by Bill Cannon


Philadelphia - Swann Fountain - Night by Bill Cannon


Rock and Roll Woman by Bill Cannon


Rocky on the Art Museum Steps by Bill Cannon


The Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Philadelphia Pennsylvania by Bill Cannon


Yacht Street Cape May in Technicolor by Bill Cannon


Pennsylvania Railroad Suburban Station in Black and White by Bill Cannon


Yo Adrian by Bill Cannon


Misty Morning on the Delaware by Bill Cannon


Cabin Run Covered Bridge - Bucks County Pa by Bill Cannon


Starry Skies over Boathouse Row by Bill Cannon